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Jewelry Maintenance

Think about what our rings and Jewels go though each day. It could be daily activities or adventures. Keeping up with the maintenance makes all the difference. Though we’d like to think that at-home remedies will do the trick, a simple scrub can’t always undue daily damages. Your jewelry harbors food, bio-gunk, and particulate build-up that serves as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Gemstones, Gold, and Diamonds all require different techniques and cleaning supplies. With just use of standard household cleaning supplies, and the right techniques your jewelry will sparkle like new. But, just because it sparkles like new, does not mean that it is bacteria-free or sanitary.

Especially when you think about keeping yourself and family safe from spreading the COVID-19 virus, it is so important to have clean jewelry. Reigning Jewels out of River oaks, offers various types of cleaning/repair services to bring out the innate beauty of your fine jewelry.


Though routine jewelry maintenance is important, sometimes required repairs are inevitable. It is important to get your jewelry repaired once you notice the defect in your jewelry in order to prevent any further damage to your piece. It starts with trust and making sure you have all the confidence in your jeweler. This also includes resizing or even just basic Routine inspections. Having a trained jewelry craftsman in house makes all the difference.

Common Repair Issues

The most common repairs that are done will leave you feeling guaranteed there are:

  • No hammering or other tool marks are visible

  • No visible seams from cutting and soldering, like in rings or chain repair

  • Stones are tight and secure in their settings (channel, prongs, etc)

Resizing a Ring

If too loose or too tight, there are a few ways a jeweler can resize your ring:

  • Cutting & soldering: A cut is made and metal is either added or removed to adjust the size to fit. No seams should be visible when finished.

  • Sizing beads: placed on the inside of the bottom of the shank, these accommodate slight discrepancies in size for a half size or less

  • Spring inserts placed inside the shank adjusts

While many think of giving jewelry, few think of the proper care and upkeep. For more information on maintaining and cleaning of your jewelry. Contact us at 713-884-6500 and let us know how we can assist you today!

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