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An engagement ring is more than just a sparkling piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of a couple’s relationship and one you will remember for the rest of your lives. Understanding proper etiquette in engagement ring shopping is critical to honor the ring itself and the commitment it represents.

Regarding etiquette, it centers around a mix of formal and informal rules that dictate our behavior in a given situation. When shopping for an engagement ring, it’s a little bit different as the situation can shift one way or another depending on what happens at each stage of the ring purchasing and customizing process.

Diamonds are forever, it is true. They are physically and metaphorical, but that doesn’t mean they should be your only option when choosing an engagement ring. Diamonds as the “go-to” stone for engagement rings is a relatively new thing, dating back to 1947 when the phrase “A Diamond Is Forever” entered our buying conscience. Reigning Jewels specializes in both traditional or non-traditional.

Rubies make for stunning engagement rings, as do emeralds and sapphires. They are often set with diamonds to make truly tailored pieces, but are amazing center stones on their own. Reigning Jewels has some of the most unique pieces. If it’s diamonds or a nontraditional ring your looking for, you’re in luck!

There are the 4 qualities you should be examining when choosing the diamond to be featured in your engagement ring:

Having a knowledgeable jeweler assisting you during this process is a must.

With vintage/ antique engagement rings, you are getting a ring that has a backstory, even though it may not be fully known. Just think back to a hundred years ago, when the ring was first offered to a woman by a suitor who wished for her hand in marriage. There’s a certain romanticism in such things, and the beauty of antique diamond engagement rings, in particular, both can be breathtaking. Reigning Jewels out of River Oaks, Houston TX, has a stunning inventory of both new or estate. Even a in house jeweler to make the experience truly one of a kind.

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